Thursday evening around 10pm Swedish time Twitter’s official support (@TwitterSupport) account reported a bug and how to secure your Twitter account.
In their tweet they stated that they found a bug that stored passwords unmasked in an internal log.
They didn’t have any suspicions of a breach but urged soon after anyways all 330 milion users to changer their Twitter passwords. For those that used the same password on other websites / social media networks they should make sure to change passwords there too.

The actual tweet didn’t have to much details about the bug but a blog post they made had a bit more details in it.

How to secure your Twitter account

Something that both Twitter and we at Foomle design always recommend is to always use one of Twitter login verification methods. This is one extra step of verification after you have written your password so Twitter can know for sure it is you.

This is how you secure your Twitter account from similar future errors 

  1. Change your password in case you haven’t already done it.
    Make sure to have a secure password and not a password with words numbers that mean something special to you.
  2. Activate login verification methods on your Twitter account
    You can do this by going to ‘Settings and privacy’ and look in there for Login verification methods.
    Make sure to activate ‘SMS’ option, this way everytime you are about to login you will receive a text from Twitter with a unique code to put in.
  3. Another options that we recommend to select in Login verification methods is ‘Get backup code’.
    Just in case something goes unplanned you will be able to use this code once.
  4. Change your password 1-2 times a year.

Never use the same password on your different social media accounts or with other services for safety purposes.


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